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bonnie rotten interview

During the last two and a half years we have seen the emergence of Bonnie Rotten, her rise to stardom and her continued development that. I sat down with AVN Performer of the Year to discuss her super powers, her naughty grandma, teenage gang bangs and all things. Porn star Bonnie Rotten paraded around the streets of New York topless for us, then hosted a sexy BBQ. See the pictures and hear all about it.

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That would be the best of both worlds. No, I am doing porn because I love porn. Do you at any point in your life see yourself being in a serious relationship? He asked what I wanted to do so I arranged with the production staff and set everything up and did my first big movie! I never drove and I got out here to L. I want to make my own twisted art. I am definitely looking forward to being trophy girl and being a spectacle for viewers.